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How to be Successful at Cold-Calling

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The vast majority of salespeople and entrepreneurs do not enjoy cold-calling. Yet, at the same time, it is an activity that most need to do on a regular basis if you want to sustain sales motivation.
The biggest reason sales professionals are not more successful in this necessary endeavor is because they fall back on the defense that they have “other …


Getting Customers To Tell You What They Need!

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Most salespeople get so frustrated when a customer answers our questions with “I don’t know.” So the sales person is not sure of what those customers’ needs are since they can’t get the right information from the customer.
The best way I found to help overcome this is by asking short questions. We all can recall far too many times when …


Are Businesses Overlooking Sales Managers Training?

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As a sales & marketing strategist and executive sales trainer I have had a front row seat for sales training outcomes and keeping an eye on the statistics for training.  As sales training investments trend to increase upwards, I am sure you will want to know where to place your focus when it comes to training.
According to Training Magazine’s 2015 …

Avoidthe Roller

How to Avoid the Roller Coaster Cash Flow!

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You can avoid the roller coaster cash flow in your business by having a good sales foundation.  A good sales foundation consists of understanding the sales concepts and applying sales strategies which will create long lasting prosperity!
Building your sales foundation starts by creating the perfect environment to have prospects open up to you.  Cut through all the noise and connect …

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3 Objections and What They Really Mean

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As many experienced sales people know, the toughest aspect of any sales position is overcoming a buyer’s objections.  Mostly all sales calls are met with at least one objection.  Your goal as a sales person is to have a convincing response to these roadblocks standing between you and that buyer.  The best way to do that is to be prepared.  …


5 Steps to Generate Sales Ready Leads

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With most companies the marketing team will generate leads for the sales team, so they can follow up and prospect the lead.  A percentage of these leads become opportunities and customers.  This process works well if you have leads, but what if you don’t have leads?
Are you facing a lead generation dry spell?  If so, the first step you want …