We are a unique sales & marketing company. We have programs and products that Increase Sales 150x150 Companydevelop the “WOW” factor to make a lasting impression on your customers.  We teach you to increase your sales using our unique proven sales programs.  Save money and time by utilizing our knowledge of over 35 years of sales and marketing experience to attract more customers and increase your revenue that your business deserves.

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Interview with CEO Susan Couslin – #SalesAngel

How long have you been in the sales & marketing field?

I have been in sales and marketing industry for over 35 years. I have always loved marketing; it is in my blood. Some people tell me that I could sell the Eskimos snow and ice.   I truly believe they are right.
I have worked in all different types of businesses and have always been the top sales producer and won numerous awards and trips. I developed a skill that helped me with my sales and marketing -thinking outside the box. Some co-workers thought my ideas wouldn’t work or they wouldn’t go the extra step to make a sale. I always wanted to be authentic and have that come across to my customers. I wanted their trust because I believed in what I was selling. I am brilliant at coming up with ideas; I love brainstorming and finding new ways of handling things.

How did EZ Marketing LLC come about?

At my last job I was a sales manager for a company that sold various promotional products. I was intrigued by how much fun and excitement there was selling these products. People would call and I would basically take their order. I always went out of my way to see if they had any questions and they were always asking me what was the best way to use the product. I would give my customers different ideas depending on what their end result was. The company wasn’t into expanding on marketing the products better or to help the customers needs; they just wanted to sell the product. So I saw there was a need I could fulfill and as I got more involved with customers, I saw that they had additional special needs in sales & marketing, going further than just how to use the product. They needed a whole marketing and sales system to help them.
I felt drawn to develop a sales and marketing program that incorporated fun and exciting promotional products to increase the sales of their business. Since I started EZ Marketing LLC, it has been nonstop with helping customers.

What makes EZ Marketing LLC different from all the other sales & marketing companies?

We take fun and exciting products and make them work with your type of special event, trade show, or business grand opening. We don’t just sell or rent products, we give you a marketing plan that will attract more clients for your success in that event.
I found that a lot of businesses never thought about who their best customers are to work with. They don’t put too much into planning on how to actually attract more customers at their event or trade show. Most companies never put a plan of action together to follow-up after the events. Companies spend a lot of money on different marketing events and I want to help them with increasing their return on investment with an EZ marketing system. As I work with more and more businesses, I realize that they are in need of a step-by-step sales and marketing system that will increase their sales, regardless of doing events or trade shows. We take an overall look of how to improve the entrepreneur’s business and develop a business plan that will attract more customers and increase their sales consistently.

What type of businesses do you work with?

Our customers are corporations and entrepreneurs who have a small to mid-size business. These company’s sell products or services to consumers and to businesses and rely on getting a percentage of their business from having vendor booths at trade shows or special events.  I work with various industry’s like: Real Estate, Financing, Casino’s, Auto, Banking, Technology and many more.

What is the EZ Sales & Marketing Systems?

I developed sales & marketing programs that helps my customers blow away both the competition and their own expectations.  What if you could get nine times more customers pouring into your business for the same marketing budget?

My EZ Sales & Marketing Systems consists of:

  • Making time for marketing to be a priority.
  • Strategizing your unique position in today’s marketplace.
  • Learning who your ideal customer is.
  • Constructing a compelling marketing message for your business.
  • Packaging what you do and know in your business.
  • Creating marketing materials that PULL customers to your business.
  • Learning how to get your business out there in a BIG way.
  • Creating your overall marketing campaign.
  • Learning how to master closing the sale.
  • Implementing systems for consistency so you get results quickly.
  • Developing a consistent sales funnel to produce massive profits.

I will help you dramatically increase your sales!

I offer different EZ Sales & Marketing Systems to fit everyone’s needs and budget!

Contact me today for your FREE Business Assessment so we can get you started on attracting more customers and increasing your sales consistently.
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