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Cyber Foto Station Kiosk

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The Cyber Foto Share Kiosk is a social marketing solution  that provides a fun and novel way for your customers to market on your behalf. The Cyber Foto Share Kiosk allows users to snap photos with your branding and instantly share them on their favorite social networks.

Now Your Customer is marketing for YOU!

Behind the scenes, our state of the art cloud based software program is working for you to capture and export reports, engage your customers directly so you can increase your sales:

Email Addresses · Contact Information · Birthdays · Demographics · Analytic Reports · Custom Surveys

Social Media Marketing
EZ Marketing tools are modular so that you can create a solution to achieve your particular marketing goals. Build your social media audience with a branding page, generate compelling visual content or ads, drive sales with promotions and offers, and collect insights and data from your visitors.

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Get Results Like This!

Victory Casino 300x225 Cyber Foto Share KioskMy name is Pete Lynch and I am the Casino Marketing Manager for Victory Casino Cruises in Port Canaveral, FL.  I am writing a testimonial for the cyber foto share kiosk and the team at EZ Marketing.  I was contacted a little while ago by Jennifer from EZ Marketing who talked to us about adding the cyber foto share to our marketing program.  After seeing similar items at conventions throughout the country, this one appealed the most to me for many reasons, including cost, and ease of operation.   

At first we decided to place the cyber foto share kiosk in our terminal prior to boarding the ship.  The idea behind this was for our guests to take a photo to share on social media to show their friends they were going on a Victory Casino Cruise.  After a couple of weeks we had about 400 people take pictures, and those 400 pictures gave our company nearly 70,000 impressions. Just this week we decided it might be better suited on the ship.  Since guests spend more time on the ship than in the terminal we thought we could increase the number of photo’s taken.  In 3 days there have been an additional 60 pictures and 10,000 impressions.  All of these numbers are without any marketing of the machine.  We just plugged it in and left it to see if anyone would use it.  We expect our numbers to significantly jump when we point people to the machine. 

Needless to say I am very happy with the over 80,000 impressions of our company in just over a months’ time.  We have added hundreds of Likes to our Facebook page, and people browse our Dash board page much like they do any another social media page.   

Thank you to Jennifer and Sue over at EZ Marketing for introducing us to this great product.”

Pete Lynch, Victory Casino Cruises, December 2013

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MGM Resorts captures over 28,000 email addresses each month using the cyber foto share kiosk. MGM now shares offers with tens of millions of friends on social networks, resulting in increased hotel room bookings every month.

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Stoney Inn customers have taken 12,000 photos on the cyber foto share in the bar. These 12,000 photos have resulted in 12,500 posts on social media sites, generating over 4 million online impressions. 2,500 customers have become fans of Stoney Inn on Facebook and 11,900 have shared their email addresses for marketing purposes.

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