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Skyrocket your Sales with our Cyber Foto Share

MORE FUN than a Mobile Phone.

MORE MARKETING Value than a photo booth.

Simply the best event marketing, list gathering, analytic’s, social media promotion available today.

It’s tougher and costly today than ever before to promote your business.  There are so many avenues; do you find yourself asking which is the most cost effective way?

No wonder you’re not thrilled about the idea of making you’re your product.

You might be telling yourself, “If there was only a proven way to get your product recognized that wouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars”

You may not realize this but did you know that eighty-four percent of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family above all other sources of advertising?  Let your customers sing your praises to their social networks via branded souvenir photos from Cyber Foto Share.  Distillary 2 150x150 Cyber Foto Share Tablet

We are going to show you a proven system for turning the odds in your favor – so your business can THRIVE, no matter what the economy is doing.

Introducing “ Cyber Foto Share, which outlines precisely what you need to do to break through barriers so you can increase sales fast!

With our lightweight Cyber Foto Share tablets you can have your staff ( or hire one/ours) to take photos of the event attendees during your:

  • Grand opening                                                             CFS Tablet 150x150 Cyber Foto Share Tablet
  • Festival
  • Professional/Collegiate Sporting event
  • Holiday celebration
  • Auto Show
  • State Fair
  • Theme Park Event, etc. etc. etc.

 While your attendee is thrilled at getting a free photo with the event border encapsulating the picture than sending it to hundreds, thousands, millions of fans.

Red Hawks Team Cyber Foto Share TabletOn Scene Social leads:  Your attendee’s  will be thrilled at getting a free photo souvenir and immediately share their photo, branded with your logo, to their hundreds of friends. All their friends will know and see where they’re having such a great time at! Word-of-mouth advertising at its best

With the Cyber Foto Share you get powerful results:

  • Live Social Media – Facebook interaction
  • Live Tweeting
  • View real-time usage statistics, such as impressions, demographic breakdown, and photos
  • Generate easily exportable acquisitions reports
  • Connect social media accounts, add hashtags or append CTA’s and add Facebook and Foursquare location check in
  • Manage and upload multiple photo overlays
  • View individual user post text to see what your customers are saying about you

Our system will give you live interactions with your customers for you to implement marketing strategies, and provide you with powerful results. So you don’t have to work so hard anymore.

Everything you do becomes more efficient and more effective, your closing rate goes through the roof, and your bank account grows — and all the while, you’re having fun!

It is possible — find out how, today by requesting more information on the Cyber Foto Share

request more info Cyber Foto Share Tablet

When you implement the Cyber Foto Share

  • You will dramatically increase sales and increase your ROI
    marketing tools 150x150 Cyber Foto Share Tablet

    Marketing Analytics

  • Reduce advertising cost
  • Increase your target market
  • Increase your awareness on Social Media
  • Easily motivate your prospects to connect with you on Social Media
  • Create more authentic connections with customers
  • Generate positive photos about your brand that gets shared virally through social networks
  • Captures Fans, Followers, Check-ins and email opt-in automatically
  • Gathers social profile demographics
  • Track ROI
  • Drive more Business to Increase More SALES!

Order Cyber Foto Share for your next event

 Let your customers receive Branded Photo Souvenirs Impressions that market for you free!

Call Today:  877-434-4337

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Grow Your Social Audience
This will give you a bigger audience to connect with on the major social platforms. Your Facebook posts and Twitter tweets will reach more and more people every day as the photo box accumulates more fans and followers.

brand page 150x150 Cyber Foto Share TabletWhen a friend clicks on the photo for a larger view, they’ll be directed to your Cyber Foto Share brand page. There they can browse through more of your photos and see what your venue is all about. This will be the perfect moment for you to offer an enticing coupon or promotion to draw them into your venue! Using a simple $3 off coupon, Esquire IMAX was able to directly generate over $10,000 in revenue over a 6 month period!

When users share their photos to Facebook and Twitter, your branded photo will be seen by all their family and friends. The average Facebook user has over 500 Facebook friends! There’s no better endorsement than having your own customers say great things about you. Our unique ability to ‘tag’ friends further expands your audience.

Are you ready to Skyrocket your Sales with our Cyber Foto Share?

Are you ready to have MORE FUN with your next Marketing Promotion?

It’s time ….to become a game changer in your marketing campaigns and take control and harness your sales NOW!

Order Cyber Foto Share today!

Call:  877-434-4337

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