How to Avoid the Roller Coaster Cash Flow!

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Avoidthe Roller 300x251 How to Avoid the Roller Coaster Cash Flow!You can avoid the roller coaster cash flow in your business by having a good sales foundation.  A good sales foundation consists of understanding the sales concepts and applying sales strategies which will create long lasting prosperity!


Building your sales foundation starts by creating the perfect environment to have prospects open up to you.  Cut through all the noise and connect to your ideal prospect so they begin to Know, Like and Trust you.


If you are not generating a consistent sales income every moth – then your foundation is weak.  With a weak foundation you will attract weak leads – which becomes no sales – which leads you into the sales downhill roller coaster ride.


The sales foundation should consist of 3 steps:

  1. Create prospect profile.
  2. Charting prospect map.
  3. Building your value identifiers.


Step 1 – it’s all about understanding who your ideal customers is…make a cheat sheet on who you want to start booking appointments with.

Ask yourself these questions:

Who are they?

What do they do?

What do they love?

What drives them crazy?

What do they need help with?


You will be able to speak their language and connect with them when you generate the perfect prospect profile.  You will be able to understand the way they THINK and FEEL, so you can connect directly to your ideal prospect and inspire them to reach out to you for your help.


Step 2 – Prospect maps.  This is where your prospects can be found.  Where do they live?  What groups do they hang in?  Get specific, Chambers or specific association groups, for social media – LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook?  Understand where they hang out actively.  If you’re not sure ask your good current customers.


You will know then where you need to plant yourself.  These are the places where you will tap into to generate leads.  You must do your research.


Step 3 – Value Identifiers.  What your ideal prospects really care about.  What activates them when you start to hang out with them?  By hanging out with them and getting to know them they will let you access directly to their problem, because they complain about their issues out in public.  Now you can begin to learn what pain there in and what their looking for and you begin to understand your client’s language.


Speak your client’s ideal language.  Connect with them about what they care about, what they value and what excites them.  You then begin to be able to control the conversation you have with them.


If you are fed up and tired of being on the CASH FLOW ROLLER COASTER, then start taking the steps NOW to get yourself and your sales team onto a smooth ride.

Below are some resources to help you get started quickly:

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