How to Generate High-Quality Leads

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Do You Need to Get More Quality Leads?

Finally, a  high quality workbook that tells you exactly step-by-step  how  to  get more quality leads to grow your business!


Are you working with enough of  your ideal customers?  

Could you image what it would feel like if your sales funnel was filled with the right quality customer leads?  You know the customers that are high paying and are ideal to work with.

Get on the fast-track with my juicy new techniques on how to generate high quality leads!

Everything starts with the fundamentals, weather you’re just starting out or been in business for 20 years or more, it all starts with knowing the fundamentals of generating quality leads.  

If you’re just starting out the fundamental building blocks of a great business is having high quality leads in your sales funnel.  

If you’ve been in business for a long time sometimes short cuts are taken and most of the time when that happens you lose the brilliance of the fundamentals of generating the right quality leads. 

This workbook gives you the fundamentals and advance strategies so you can create a solid plan of generating high quality leads easily.  You’ll learn the most up-to-date, proven strategies, tools, and tactics so you can develop your own lead generating system to guarantee to attract your ideal customers.

In my 35 years of the sales industry I have seen every fad come and go.   And through it all I have consistently created a sales system that was so successful for every company I worked with and now I want to share all that with you.  So you know you will be getting the best of the best and you can leave the rest of the fads on the table.   With seeing every fad come and go I can tell you exactly what the proven strategies that always works consistently regardless of what fad was in.  

I can also tell you the 5 things that is the difference between success and failure in your lead generating sale system.

1.  You don’t have a repeatable lead generating system that continuously fills your sales funnel.  

2.  Differentiating between a prospect and a suspect.  

3.  Desperation has you marketing to everyone and anyone.

4.  Not truly understanding what is a qualify lead.

5.  Not knowing where to target to generate the best leads for you.

My workbook is going to walk you through, step by step,  on how to overcome these 5 differences and to generate quality leads by finding out who are the right customers for your business and were to find these customers as soon as 1 week from today!   

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Raving Fans of Susan’s workbook, How To Generate High-Quality Leads

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“How To Generate High-Quality Leads workbook is incredible. Susan takes her many years of sales and marketing experience and distills it into a concise, clear manual with the most important points so you can hit the ground running. This workbook has greatly helped my efforts in my business and it will do the same for yours.”

Christa L. Colletti
Professional Life Coach

“AttrSinead How to Generate High Quality Leadsacting clients is actually one of the things people overlook the most when starting their business. Many are of the mindset that “if you build it they will come” We get so caught up going for our business idea and being everything to everyone as most entrepreneurs can tell you that we don’t realize that no matter how amazingly fantastic your product or service is if you don’t market, it will not sell. Marketing is a very specific talent and requires lots of work and expertise. Thankfully we have people like Susan Couslin that are experts and we can learn from her 35 years of experience. Why would we want to recreate the wheel and add more to our plate when we have this amazing talent at our fingertips! Susan is creative and thinks outside the box. She can help elevate your business in ways you would not even imagine. She is the magic idea woman! The How To Generate High-Quality Leads workbook is a step by step guide anyone can follow. This workbook is a wonderful introduction to the value Susan will add to your company. She talks about desire and that is really an understatement for what she has to help you grow your business and attract your idea clients. If this is what Susan offers for only $27 you can only image what good things are to follow and what marketing tricks and techniques she has to offer. Ask Susan for help with your business, I am sure glad I did!!!”

Sinead Moffatt 

Life Strategies Coach


Best of all, How to Generate High-Quality Leads workbook was created for busy entrepreneurs and is designed to help you grow your business!

Determine Who Will Buy & What They’ll Buy—Take the guesswork out of deciding what to sell and who to sell to! You’ll learn how to determine not only the exact words people are searching for to find your product or service but what MAKES them buy.

  • Choosing Your Customer Niche—There’s riches in niches. Identify your ideal customer, both demographically and psychographically, and determine where to find them and get in front of them…both online and offline.
  •  What to Say & How to Say It…to Sell It—Craft a marketing message that will engage your prospects and get them to respond. You’ll use these words in all your marketing, both written (e.g. your promotions, website, and brochures) and verbal (e.g. your elevator pitch)


leads m 300x201 How to Generate High Quality Leads “Yes, Susan! I want instant access to your proven, step by step ‘How To Generate High-Quality Leads’ workbook so I can start generating consistent cash flow quickly in my business today”


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*Best Buy:  After reading the book I will work with you to help you implement the strategies you just learned so you can start getting high quality leads quickly and start making more sales to increase your income!

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