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I truly believe that if  you have have the right sales and marketing tools you can attract more high-paying customers so you can surpass your income goals and have plenty of time off to have fun & enjoy yourself and your family!

Does this sound like you?

You’re getting started in your business, you’ve got some customers now (making around 2K per month), but you’re not where you want to be and you’re working harder than you should.  You’d like to increase your business and get more money coming in, and you want to ramp up to 10K a month (80K+ a year) as quickly as possible.

It’s time I start teaching you everything you need to know about sales, marketing, customer attraction and how to confidently close the sale so you get more customers now and make 10K a month, consistently.

Experience more Joy and Succeed with Ease!

Just what I needed now in my business. The ideas and exercises will get me to the next level…and it is all something I am looking forward to doing with ease.”   Carol

I feel more focused than ever on how to grow my business…plus I have a better vision for what I want my life and business to look like.”    David

I’ve taken a lot of sales training and worked with several sales trainers over the years. Susan was, hands down, superior to everything I’ve taken.” Janice

Below are a few EZ Sales & Marketing Systems that will attract more customers and increase your sales for you!

 “Most businesses have never been taught all the important sales & marketing strategies they need to know or the specific how-to detail and guidance to easily increase their income.”

VIP Day with Susan

DANG, I wish I would of said this….have you ever said that to your self after hanging up with a call from a potential new customer?

Are you unsure what to say to a potential new customer to get the sale?

I will work with you to discover how you can stop getting in your own way in your business and in your life. Take the internal mindset barriers that are currently sabotaging you in your sales and learn how to clear them for good. With the right mindset, you too can be prosperous and multiply your income over and over again, with ease.

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 Other Sales Training Options

  • Custom Lead Generation
  • Power Up Your Sales—5 Easy Steps
  • Motivational Sales Meetings
  • 7 Secrets To Increase Your Sales
  • Handling Objections to Close the Sale Now
  • VIP Day—One to One Training
For more information about sales training classes or speaking engagements please contact Susan Couslin.

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Call:  877-434-4337

Email:  Sue@EZMarketingLLC.com

5 Great Reasons To Work With Susan

  1. Dynamic Speaker Susan is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker who will hold your attention.  She does more than light a fire.  Susan inspires you to light your own fire and teaches you empowering strategies for keeping your business and passion for your business burning!
  2. A Life-Changing Message Susan believes that true success includes both financial and experiential success.  She insists that we are here to be happy and shows you how to activate the power within to go after and achieve what you want!  She delivers a passionate, high content, meaningful, and business-savvy message.
  3. Accomplished Businesswoman & Trainer As a successful business-owner and entrepreneur for over 15 years, and sales trainer for over 30 years, Susan knows what it takes to be successful.  Susan also knows what it takes to be number one in sales.  As an awarded Account Rep, number one salesperson & top earner with various companies – she will give you what you need to rise to the top!  As a highly successful trainer, helping others accomplish more than ever before, Susan knows how to recognize your value and help you use that value to achieve new heights.
  4. Very Personable Susan is friendly, approachable, and low maintenance.  Taming the ego is one of the greatest and most cathartic process in achieving great results and happiness.  Susan will help you focus on what it takes to get great and help you achieve greatness.
  5. You will be thankful! You can’t go wrong with Susan.  You will be inspired and focused on immediately to implementable the strategies you learned for creating success.

Are you a self-starter and want a step-by-step way to generate quality leads?

Check this out!

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