“You’re only as good as the weakest link.”

Are you faced with…

  • An increase in your sales quote or goals?
  • A concern that you’ve lost your confidence and worry how you’re going to increase to meet your quarterly goals?
  • A sales team that needs a shot in the arm?
  • A sales professional who’s knows the right things to do but for some reason can’t make it all work?

Did you know?Sales IQ Profile Front Page 232x300 Sales IQ Profile

  • Top sales people “rainmakers” all have a mental model or sales process that consistently delivers remarkable performance. It starts with developing leads and ends with executing the close. Rainmakers know their process so well they’ve forgotten how it works. It’s become an unconscious process and it’s really hard for them to mentor others on how to use their process.
  • Most companies focus their sales training on the product features and benefits and assuming you can figure out how to develop your unique style, behavior, and traits to achieve rainmaker status.

But what if in 30 minutes you could pinpoint exactly the step in the sales process that would easily increase your closings?

What if in one day you could pinpoint exactly what you could do to get more rainmakers on your sales team?

busines coaching picture Sales IQ ProfileHow much of a difference would closing 2 – 3 more sales per month make in your life?

Most people know the measure of a salesperson’s success is their ability to meet, get and keep a customer happy. However, how can you find practical advice when you or your team just isn’t hitting the mark?

Like every profession selling has a body of knowledge that when applied delivers on a successful execution. That body of knowledge includes a multitude of skills, behaviors, knowledge. The Sales IQ Profile assessment offers an objective analysis and essentially answers the question, “What do I need to do to improve sales performance?”

Sales IQ Profile Front Page 232x300 Sales IQ ProfileThe Sales IQ Profile

  • Analyzes your understanding of the 8 steps in the sales process.
  • Pinpoints how you use them and explains your performance results.
  • Gives you specific and proven advice for improvement and
  • If you’re leading a sales team, gives you specific advice on how to mentor the team as a whole as well as each individual on your team.

Using 48 questions, the Sales IQ Profile will give you a profile report on each of the eight primary sales competencies. A sales “competency” is proven set of behaviors and knowledge that makes up an individual step in the sales process. Each of the eight competencies combines to provide an overview of your current selling effectiveness and what you can do to increase your performance.

The Sales IQ Profile report will provide feedback on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. From this, you will be able to accurately and easily:

  1. Develop a plan to overcome the individual’s weaknesses by8 sales traits 300x250 Sales IQ Profile
    • Identifying proven and successful coaching techniques;
    • Focusing on areas that produce results fast;
    • Pinpointing and simplifying sales training;
    • Easily gets agreement for employee development.
  1. Builds confidence
  2. Creates measurable behavioral and performance results.

The Sales IQ Profile assessment provides an objective analyses designed to be a starting point— a kind of personalized map for your sales knowledge at this moment in time. It tells you where you are, why you are there and how to improve by offering specific insights and responses based on your assessment results.

sales award 2016 Sales IQ ProfileHow can an upper-level sales leader or executive use Sales IQ Profile?

Determine your organization’s overall sales effectiveness and identify the most-needed training by having each of your sales people complete an assessment.

As a Supervisor or Sales Manager, you can use Sales IQ Profile as a coaching tool, comparing your observations alongside a candidate’s Sales IQ Developmental Chart to determine exactly which aspects of sales effectiveness they need to improve. You can be surgical in your coaching, rather than general.


How can a new or veteran sales professional independently benefit from the Sales IQ Profile?

Learn more about your effectiveness in all aspects of selling and you will have a clear idea of which skills to refine first. Selling is a skill, and self-assessments like the Sales IQ Profile will provide you the objective means for honing your craft.


Every minute you don’t get a handle on what you need to do different is another minute of losing out on becoming a rainmaker.  Get your personalize roadmap now!
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“The Sales IQ Profile Assessment was an excellent exercise in highlighting my strengths and weaknesses.  Before I took the test, I was in the dark about my competency with certain techniques.  I was able to narrow in on exactly what skill sets needed further development, as well as which ones I was already utilizing most effectively.  This tool is essential for anyone looking to get the upper hand on their sales performance. It was a great advantage to have access to a tool that brought to light the many areas of opportunity for mastery within my sales career. “

Amanda Rogers, Account Executive


“I’ve known Susan Couslin for a few years through our mastermind group. I have worked with her in revamping my sales funnel for my business and I was amazed with the knowledge and the help I received from her. At one point I agreed to take the Sales IQ Profile assessment that she offered. For me it was right on target, I kind of knew I needed help in a few areas with my selling techniques and this assessment pointed out exactly which areas they were. Having this knowledge about my sales technique was worth every penny. It has given me the ability to strengthen my selling sells so I have been able to close more business. I can’t say enough about how good she is with working with business owners like me in helping us understand how to develop the right mindset in creating a profitable business. If you want to increase your sales or learn how to coach a sales team I would recommend Susan Couslin.”

Raphael Love, Speaker/Author/Entrepreneur/Workshop Facilitator