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Susan delivers with passion, purpose and to the heart weather your crowd is 10 or 5,000.  She is a captivating speaker and keeps the audience engaged through out her presentation.


  1. Dynamic Speaker Susan is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker who will hold your attention.  She does more than light a fire.  Susan inspires you to light your own fire and teaches you empowering strategies for keeping your business and passion for your business burning!
  2. A Life-Changing Message Susan believes that true success includes both financial and experiential success.  She insists that we are here to be happy and shows you how to activate the power within to go after and achieve what you want!  She delivers a passionate, high content, meaningful, and business-savvy message.
  3. Accomplished Businesswoman & Trainer As a successful business-owner and entrepreneur for over 15 years, and sales trainer for over 30 years, Susan knows what it takes to be successful.  Susan also knows what it takes to be number one in sales.  As an awarded Account Rep, number one salesperson & top earner with various companies – she will give you what you need to rise to the top!  As a highly successful trainer, helping others accomplish more than ever before, Susan knows how to recognize your value and help you use that value to achieve new heights.
  4. Very Personable Susan is friendly, approachable, and low maintenance.  Taming the ego is one of the greatest and most cathartic process in achieving great results and happiness.  Susan will help you focus on what it takes to get great and help you achieve greatness.
  5. You will be thankful! You can’t go wrong with Susan.  You will be inspired and focused on immediately to implementable the strategies you learned for creating success.
What people are saying about Susan:

“Susan’s ability to not only command the stage, but truly resonate with audience members in a way that inspires them to take action towards positive change is extraordinary. She speaks with passion, purpose and a message that audiences need to hear in today’s world. If you have a chance to book her for your next event — your audience will thank you for it!”   Jodi

“Susan will inspire you to make the shifts needed to be productive in your business and personal activities”  Barbara

“I actually met Susan Couslin on the phone and there was an instant connection because of her warm and approachable personality.  Susan is a true sales and marketing expert.  She thinks outside the box and has an amazing and innovative way of communicating this to her audience.  If you are looking to take any business to the next level, I urge you to contact her. ” Francine

“Susan conducted a marketing presentation to a group of our local businesses, many of whom are members of the West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce.  It is an ongoing struggle to impress upon small business owners the importance of marketing their business in many forms; Susan put this much-needed information into a great package that helped us all see that, in most cases, we stand in our own way of growing our business to the next level.  Our mindset can close a deal before we ever get started.  Thank you, Susan, for helping us see how to get around our own thinking and find constructive ways to advance our marketing efforts for the better!”  Laura

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