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Sales & Marketing Strategist

International Sales Trainer Executive

Why is it hard for top sales people to mentor others on how to use their successful selling system?

Most of the time, it is due to these top sales producers knowing their own process so well that they have forgotten exactly how it works.

Susan, through over 35 years of research, analysis, and sometimes trial and error, has distilled success down into a simple yet efficient sales system, 7 Key Factors To Increasing Your Sales. Her clients often describe her as a “sales angel”. Working with her, will increase the skills levels for sales representatives and managers in various industries.  She has been training sales representatives for over 15 years who most have become the top producers in their companies.

SCORE WS 3 300x169 Susan Couslin BioHer training and programs have consistently created a steady stream of cash flow for her clients.  Susan knows exactly how to give you the skills and confidence to overcome bad habits and system breakdowns that keep you from repeatedly achieving your sales goals.

She’s been the keynote speaker and trainer for a number of organizations including SCORE.

Prior to founding an international sales & marketing company, Susan, revitalized various B2B and residential sales companies like ERN from losing over $60,000 per month to selling within 2 years for over $2million.  While revitalizing these companies she is also a single mother raising 3 children and volunteering in her community.

Let Susan work with you to build a proven sales system and get the skills to attract more clients/customers, make more money and live your dream life!

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A Few Client Recommendations:

“I have the academic preparation and years of real-world experience as a business owner.  That however, did not provide the insights and practical training provided by Susan at EZ Marketing.  She helped me become more effective in the sales process, and to understand why things happen the way they do!  I am happy to recommend EZ Marketing to any organization desiring to exceed their sales expectations.”

Dave Wilder



“I met Sue filled with anticipation and apprehension with regard to my business’ new direction…after all, what more could she really add to what I already knew? A LOT! She expanded my vision and marketing opportunities far beyond my expectations. I am so excited with the fresh ideas and marketing strategies she inspired….I feel successful already. Thanks, Sue!”

Candace Flanagan



“Susan is an outstanding business coach. She opened my eyes to our optimal customers, asked the right questions, and helped me focus on the best approach to identify my customer’s needs and the best way to sell them. I highly recommend that you let Susan help you improve your business.”

Tom Jordan

Networking Magic


“After my first session with Sue, a workload of bad thought patterns towards my new job had lifted. I was given a clean slate of great attitude towards my sales career and how it relates to my entire being. Sue works through any negative barriers you have collected throughout your career in a gentle but concise fashion. You figure out so much with one session that you instantly become your full potential as an employee. I am so looking forward to working more with Sue. I will be a happy millionaire for sure!”

Rebecca Jane Higgins
Lettings Negotiator
Knight Frank

Clapham, England