“Susan’s ability to not only command the stage, but truly resonate with audience members in a way that inspires them to take action towards positive change is extraordinary. She speaks with passion, purpose and a message that audiences need to hear in today’s world. If you have a chance to book her for your next event — your audience will thank you for it!”   Jodi

“Susan will inspire you to make the shifts needed to be productive in your business and personal activities”  Barbara

“I actually met Susan Couslin on the phone and there was an instant connection because of her warm and approachable personality.  Susan is a true sales and marketing expert.  She thinks outside the box and has an amazing and innovative way of communicating this to her audience.  If you are looking to take any business to the next level, I urge you to contact her. ” Francine

“Susan conducted a marketing presentation to a group of our local businesses, many of whom are members of the West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce.  It is an ongoing struggle to impress upon small business owners the importance of marketing their business in many forms; Susan put this much-needed information into a great package that helped us all see that, in most cases, we stand in our own way of growing our business to the next level.  Our mindset can close a deal before we ever get started.  Thank you, Susan, for helping us see how to get around our own thinking and find constructive ways to advance our marketing efforts for the better!”  Laura


Sales Training/Consulting

E-Z MARKETING and Sue Couslin have made a true and lasting impact on my Rebecca 200x300 Testimonialsbusiness but also on my mental focus and well-being.  Sue has been an inspiration and a strong guiding hand for me during this crucial start-up of my business. She has, through a varied approach taught me techniques and systems that have allowed me to keep myself goal oriented and stream-lined.

More importantly she has been able to help me rebuild my belief in myself and where I want my company to take me. She has been invaluable..

Rebecca Howell-Boykin


Atmosphere Re-Invented


“I have the academic preparation and years of real-world experience as a business owner.  That however, did not provide the insights and practical training provided by Susan at EZ Marketing.  She helped me become more effective in the sales process, and to understand why things happen the way they do!  I am happy to recommend EZ Marketing to any organization desiring to exceed their sales expectations.”

Dave Wilder



Daniela Behler 168x300 TestimonialsI met Susan in January of 2014. I had been out of work for two years. My husband of 15 yrs had just celebrated his 1 year anniversary at job that took him on the road for months at a time and introduced us to a new family life style. Not the best situation. Our relationship was fractured. I was desperate for an income. I knew there was a business in my head, but there was some much other “stuff” in the way that I couldn’t even see it. Not clearly anyway. 

Our first meeting must have been a sight to see for the other patrons at Panera’s. Here I am pitching my idea incoherently, arms flailing about, laughing one minute crying the next.  Geesh! After about 30 mins Susan said, “You’ve been talking all this time and you still haven’t told me what your business is.” I was a hot mess. That was the first of weekly meetings that continue to this day. 

Susan first spent time listening to me and helping me sort out my original business plan.  Over the next several weeks I focused on that and began making some real headway.  Slowly our conversations began exploring who I was or at least who I thought I was.  Susan shared with me her own experiences in business and personal discovery and growth.

She taught me some simple ways of getting to know myself. At first I was not my biggest fan, but over time as I practiced different techniques in daily affirmations, journaling, and basic meditation I began to feel different about myself. Along the way and following her advice I also began to see the first glimpses of business success.

Today I do it all! I have come to know that my life was intended to be a happy life. Filled with love, joy, peace, fun, and success. When I look in the mirror now I see a beautiful, intelligent, happy, successful woman! I love my life. I see how things are coming together. I have a clear vision for my business. I have overcome so many crazy hang-ups I had about myself and my ability. I am thrilled to allow myself goodness and positivity. I am setting goals achieving them and setting new ones. I have even taken a good look at my general health and decided that since I’m so awesome and have great things ahead, I’d like to live as long as possible to enjoy them! Yay organic whole foods!  I truly believe Susan was the gift given me as I cried out in the dark for help. She has held me accountable, challenged me, comforted me, but most of all supported me. What started as a business coaching session turned into to so much more. She is not only my business coach but also my life coach, mentor, and most special to me, friend.

Daniela Behler

Engaging Social Media


“I met Sue filled with anticipation and apprehension with regard to my business’ new direction…after all, what more could she really add to what I already knew? A LOT! She expanded my vision and marketing opportunities far beyond my expectations. I am so excited with the fresh ideas and marketing strategies she inspired….I feel successful already. Thanks, Sue!”

Candace Flanagan


********************Pamela R. Lue Hing Testimonials

Again, I want to thank you for the tremendous work you did with me this morning. In less than an hour you help me develop extreme clarity, focus and a marketing & sales funnel that I can fully embrace and incorporate with ease! Prior to speaking with you, my mind was cluttered with ideas but in just a short amount of time that clutter became organized. An effective and efficient plan has been developed for me to move forward on implementing the funnel and reaching my goals in 2015! Sue, thank you for sharing your expertise and being a part of my Success Team!!!

Pamela R. Lue-Hing

Legacy Partners, LLC

Strategic Consultant

Board Certified Coach


“Susan is an outstanding business coach. She opened my eyes to our optimal customers, asked the right questions, and helped me focus on the best approach to identify my customer’s needs and the best way to sell them. I highly recommend that you let Susan help you improve your business.”

Tom Jordan

Networking Magic


Rebecca Jane Higgins resized 200x300 Testimonials“After my first session with Sue, a workload of bad thought patterns towards my new job had lifted. I was given a clean slate of great attitude towards my sales career and how it relates to my entire being. Sue works through any negative barriers you have collected throughout your career in a gentle but concise fashion. You figure out so much with one session that you instantly become your full potential as an employee. I am so looking forward to working more with Sue. I will be a happy millionaire for sure!”

Rebecca Jane Higgins
Lettings Negotiator
Knight Frank

Clapham, England

Marketing Products

East Volusia Chapter of the Hometown Business Alliance

testi 300x215 TestimonialsWe rented the Crack The Code Prize Vault at our recent kick-off event for the new Hometown Business Alliance Volusia. The turnout was phenomenal and your presence was much appreciated.

The prize vault added to the anticipation of winning the iPad promotion that we were giving away to one lucky guest. People were naturally drawn to your table-top to see the iPad sitting in the clear plastic vault awaiting its winner.

Initially, due to the overwhelming turnout of 230 people at the event, a few people asked if we “were really going to make all 230 people line up and wait to check their tickets.” My answer was “absolutely!” You see, the vault-style giveaway actually accomplished several things. It forced people to stay at the event longer and interact more (after all, it’s a networking event). The process also created more bar and food sales for Lucky’s (our excellent host). Most importantly, it created enthusiasm and excitement at the event.
We would highly recommend the prize vault to anyone looking to do a unique give-away at an event.
Thanks again!
Sean Donovan
Chapter Coordinator and “Mastermind”
East Volusia Chapter of the Hometown Business Alliance

Action Marketing Group

testi11 TestimonialsAdidas had one of the best promotions ever using your Tornado of Money Hard Case Machines. We had people lined up all over the malls and outside on the streets of the stores. We used these machines to kick off our new product giving people a chance to win the new shoes. We are grateful to Sue who helped us with organizing this promotion that went off without a hitch!
Jerad Murphy
Action Marketing Group

Lithia Nissan Hyundai of Fresno

Lithia Picture 3 Testimonials“EZ Marketing has provided us with a truly unique and family-friendly tool that has proven to be invaluable in our customer outreach program. Thank you, Sue!”

Mike Giusti

Head of Advertising and Marketing



Investors Savings Bank

1 TestimonialsInvestors Savings Bank held a Grand Opening Event in Morristown, NJ where present attendants (18 or older) were given 15 seconds inside a money blowing machine to grab as many bills as possible. Bills included $1, $5, $10 and $20 with an occasional $100. The press release announcing this event read “Free Money Up For Grabs in Morristown.” Needless to say, the turnout was notable.

Eastern Michigan University

2 TestimonialsThe Eastern Michigan University’s Employee Wellness Fair featured many wellness booths, including locations for free massages and blood pressure checks. Additionally, a cash cube money machine was set up to illustrate the philosophy of money management by teaching participants to grab their money and hold on.


3 TestimonialsA well-known financial institute – Wachovia – uses the money booth for contests and charity, and used the money blowing booth to kick off the Way2Save Challenge.


Channel 9 News

4 TestimonialsEvery year at the New York State Fair, visitors line up at the Channel 9 News Station money booth, hoping their name will be drawn for a chance to spend 30 seconds in the money booth and that they’ll leave a little richer. (A name is drawn every 45 minutes, and you must be present when your name is called.)

Clearwater Casino

5 TestimonialsThe Clearwater Casino in Washington is one of the many casinos that have recognized the entertainment value of a cash cube, and offer one on site for fun and entertainment.


Credit Union Association of New York

6 TestimonialsThe Credit Union Association of New York provided a money machine to enhance the entertainment during a grand opening celebration of a new financial institution in Henrietta, NY.


Companies, schools, and non-profits big and small use the money blowing booth to develop fun promotions that get people involved. For example, as part of a year-end fundraiser for an elementary school, students who sold a certain amount of cookie dough or pizzas were rewarded with 30 seconds in a money booth. Car dealerships, banks, radio stations, and casinos use the cash blowing machine to get the public hyped about their special event— the opportunity to grab fistfuls of cash, coupons, or vouchers is a powerful way to get people lining up for any local event.