Webinar – The 8 Most Powerful Strategies in Closing the Sale

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I always say, “If you cannot close the sale….all your marketing efforts are useless!”

Over the years, I’ve seen so many people struggle in trying to get  more leads so they can close more sales to wonder why all their hard work is not paying off.
For all the promise of social media, networking, list building strategies and referrals too many sales people aren’t reaping the benefits. If you look at your calendar right now you’re probably spending 16 – 20 hours per week marketing yourself and getting the word out about you and your company.  But at the end of the week, sales success is dependent on the number of sales you close.
Increase Sales 300x300 Webinar   The 8 Most Powerful Strategies in Closing the SaleSo take a moment right now and look at the number of potential customers, prospects and qualified leads you have and ask yourself “What would it mean if I could close 1,2 or more additional sales over the next 30 days? What would it mean if you could do that over the next 6 months and keep repeating that success?
Understanding that – how to close more deals and how to pass that knowledge on to my clients – has been something I’ve been studying for the last 15 years. What I found is most people do not get the specific feedback or training to close the sale.
Join me where you’ll have the opportunity to learn the 8 keys to closing more sales.

The 8 Most Powerful  Strategies in Closing the Sale. 

A brief description of what will be covered in this webinar:
1.   Preparing – laying the ground work for getting a YES!.
2. Targeting, knowing when you have a qualified prospect and where to find them.
3. Connecting to establish that you are a credible resource and to foster/build a trusting relationship.
4. Assessing uncovering their true needs, wants and pain points and how to assess their readiness to solve the problem.
5. Solving the buyer’s problem, or filling their need, is where most of the sales attention has been placed in the past. We’ll cover the X# questions that not only identify the buyer’s problem or need but how to determine if it’s worth solving with your product or service.
6. Confirming a commitment to purchase. Do you know how to confirm, verify and get a commitment to purchase? Do you know why if you get a commitment you really haven’t closed the deal?
7. A confirmed sale needs Assuring that the value promised will be received. This is where relationships are built and customer loyalty is to be given (by you) more than expected (from them.)
8. Managing is the final phase of the sales cycle where you manage sales and accounts and self-management of yourself.  Ultimately, we are all our own ‘sales manager’. This is the phase of selling where you must get yourself to do what needs to be done even when you do not feel like doing it.

Starting Saturday,  November 12th, 2016 @ 10am EST

This will be an 8 session – 1 Hour – webinar meeting live every two weeks.
The webinar will be recorded so you will have access in case you can’t make one of the webinars or if you want to review the training material.
You will also receive a link so you can take the Sales IQ Profile Assessment Sales IQ Profile Front Page 232x300 Webinar   The 8 Most Powerful Strategies in Closing the Salebefore the training begins.
This Sales IQ Profile will let you know your weakness and strengths in the above 8 categories.  You will receive a 35 page report which you can use as a reference.  This report will also have additional tips for you.
Click Here to learn more about the Sales IQ Profile
I will have a limited amount of people on this webinar because I want to make sure you get powerful results.
One last note: Webinar   The 8 Most Powerful Strategies in Closing the Sale  Stop struggling…if you are not seeing the results you want then you need to make a change.  Value yourself by making the change with education, knowledge is so powerful!  But remember you will still need to follow through and do the work to see the results!
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What people are saying about Susan:

I met Sue filled with anticipation and apprehension with regard to my business’ new direction…after all, what more could she really add to what I already knew? A LOT! She expanded my vision and marketing opportunities far beyond my expectations. I am so excited with the fresh ideas and marketing strategies she inspired….I feel successful already. Thanks, Sue!

Candace Flanagan




After my first session with Sue, a workload of bad thought patterns towards my new job had lifted. I was given a clean slate of great attitude towards my sales career and how it relates to my entire being. Sue works through any negative barriers you have collected throughout your career in a gentle but concise fashion. You figure out so much with one session that you instantly become your full potential as an employee. I am so looking forward to working more with Sue. I will be a happy millionaire for sure!

Rebecca Jane Higgins
Lettings Negotiator
Knight Frank

Clapham, England


I have the academic preparation and years of real-world experience as a business owner.  That however, did not provide the insights and practical training provided by Susan at EZ Marketing LLC.  She helped me become more effective in the sales process, and to understand why things happen the way they do!  I am happy to recommend EZ Marketing LLC to any organization desiring to exceed their sales expectations.

Dave Wilder



EZ MARKETING LLC  and Susan Couslin have made a true and lasting impact on my business but also on my mental focus and well-being.
Susan has been an inspiration and a strong guiding hand for me during this crucial startup of my business.  She has, through a varied approach taught me techniques and systems that have allowed me to keep myself goal oriented and stream-lined.  More importantly she has been able to help me rebuild my belief in myself and where I want my company to take me.
She has been invaluable..


Rebecca Howell-Boykin

Atmosphere Re-Invented


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